James Dinkel


Mr. Dinkel previously was the Big Data Director at Sprint, a US based Fortune-100 telecommunications company where he directed transformational projects using big data and data analytics to gain insights previously undiscovered.  He also held leadership positions in the web, mobile, production support and infrastructure spaces while at Sprint and started the mobile application development program there.

Mick Fenley

Board / Strategic Advisor

Mr. Fenley has extensive leadership experience in consulting, logistics, rail and banking and has a passion for technology and fact based decision making through big data and analytics.  He advises our team as a board / strategic advisor and thoughtfully helps our team on various strategic initiatives across industries.

Marmik Patel

Big Data Hadoop Developer

Experience in developing big data dashboards using JSPs and Servlets.  Responsible for implementing Apache Spark MapReduce operations for converting and storing data in ApacheHive.  Implementing JDBC connection to fetch data from Apache Hive for visualization.  Experience with  Google Map API and JavaScript.

Tim Fox

Big Data Solutions Specialist

Passionate about finding the best solutions for your Big Data needs. Seamlessly migrating large amounts of data, while maintaining performance and ensuring data comparison. Using these skills my specialties include Hadoop, Data migration, Business Intelligence, Data Ingest/ Mediation, and Data Management.

Harsh Jangid

Big Data Engineer

Passionate about Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. Exploratory work in Cloud Computing in Amazon Web Services (AWS) including Big Data Ecosystem tools.

Mothilal Marimuthu

Senior Hadoop Architect

Mothilal Marimuthu is a highly productive, innovative and effective professional with polished communication and interpersonal skills. Spanning close to 10 years of professional IT experience, he has demonstrated excellence in multiple roles such as technology consultant, senior software developer, module/technical lead, onsite coordinator, business analyst and aspiring software architect.