Our Team is Committed To Proactive Data Analytics And Technical Excellence with SkimCatcher

We understand the importance of real-time data capture and the timely use of the results to eliminate ATM skimming fraud for our clients.  Our SkimCatcher solution puts financial institutions in a “proactive” position to minimize losses without impacting your members. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all!  SkimCatcher takes care of all of the analytics, data collection and visualization without impacting your existing internal resources.

The number of ATM’s at a financial institution drives the implementation timeline for SkimCatcher.  For example, a financial institution with 100 ATM’s would take our team about 2 weeks to complete.  

Financial institutions benefit immediately upon implementation!  SkimCatcher eliminates ATM skimming losses with 100% accuracy and our typical ROI for clients is less than a year! Year 2 and Year 3 ROI’s for clients are even better!

$ 100
Annual ATM Skimming Fraud Losses are growing...